Safe@ Managed Security Service   

Connecting to the Internet provides all sorts of new capabilities and with ADSL, access is made fast and easy. Unfortunately, a permanent connection to the Internet also leaves your home office, school or business wide open to Internet hazards, such as hackers, viruses and undesirable web sites. 

So to protect your internet connection a system is needed to stop hackers, protect against virus attacks and also protect you from undesirable web sites. 

However, installing and maintaining these systems is often beyond the capabilities of a user who does not want to be bothered or is not skilled enough to keep these systems up to date (how often have you heard of a new virus doing damage because the virus definitions were not kept up to date?). 

Extranet Technologies is offering a managed security service to look after the above items on your behalf.

The service offering is based upon you installing the Safe@Office appliance as your permanent internet connection. This Firewall appliance then automatically communicates with a management system at our premises to ensure these systems are protected and kept up to date.


The low cost firewall appliance was developed by SofaWare Technologies, a wholly owned subsidiary of Check Point Software Technologies, one of the worlds leading IT Security Vendors.

The appliance is offered in a number of models as you can see here.

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Safe@ Managed Services                           

In addition to its advanced built-in security functionality, the low cost firewall appliance allows remote management from our Safe@ Management Centre. This allows small businesses to transfer security management responsibility to security experts to enforce an effective, comprehensive, security policy for any size network. Additionally, this remote management makes add-on security services available, such as blocking access to undesirable web sites and anti-virus checking for your incoming and outgoing emails.

These remotely managed services are available in the form of a subscription to Extranet’s Safe@ Managed Services in order to give you protection from the hazards encountered on the Internet and to automatically keep your Firewall appliance up to date with latest releases.

The Safe@ Management Centre (SMC) is operated by Extranet Technologies Ltd (a licensed Check Point partner) in Auckland, New Zealand.

The services provided under subscription to the Safe@ Managed Services are as follows.

1. Anti-virus protection

This service provides protection for incoming (to your site) POP or SMTP mail and Outgoing (from your site) SMTP mail as a result of the appliance being constantly kept up to date with the latest Anti-Virus definitions from the Safe@ Management Centre. The virus scanning can also be set to look at other traffic such as web-browsing etc.

2. Web Site Filtering

When a user behind the Firewall wishes to visit a web site, the web request is sent by the firewall to the Safe@ Management Centre which uses McAfee SmartFilter to determine what category (e.g. Drugs, Criminal Skills, Adult/Sexually Explicit, etc) the requested Web Site belongs to. This category is instantly sent back to the Firewall and is compared with the list of categories in the Firewall that have been disallowed access. If the site is in a disallowed category the user receives a message to say they have attempted to access a disallowed site.

The undesirable categories are nominated by the administrator of the Firewall or can be nominated by Extranet.

The Firewall appliance remembers which category recently accessed web sites belong to, thus it does not always need to check with the Safe@ Management Centre.

The key thing to note is that the list of web sites behind the various categories is constantly updated by McAfee and automatically downloaded to the Safe@ Management Centre – a task that you do not have to worry about.

3. Firewall Software Updates

One of the most important things with any computer security system, is to keep the system up to date - You have seen above that Extranet keeps the Anti-Virus and Web Site filtering systems up to date on your behalf.

Another aspect to keep up to date is the firewall software itself as this is what keeps the hackers out and prevents them from getting access to your systems that are behind the firewall.

When any updates are released by SofaWare for the Firewall appliances these are loaded onto our Safe@ Management Centre and are then send out to automatically update your firewall appliance with absolutely no assistance required by you at your end. These updates are released when new hacker threats become known or when updates and enhancements to the firewall system itself are made available.

You will be notified via email when an update is going to take place and what enhancements are in that update.

Thus you can always be sure your firewall is as up to date as possible and the process of updating is a task that you do not have to worry about.

4. Reporting

At the end of each month we will e-mail you a report showing details of your internet activity. The report will show...

Hacker attacks that were blocked by the Firewall
Accesses to Web Sites that were blocked
What e-mail viruses were detected and stopped
What setting changes were made to the system

The report allows you to "drill down" on specific items to further investigate things like...

Where hacker attacks came from (so you can follow-up with the attacker)
What types of attacks were being used and what these mean
The address of the machines doing the attacks (so you can pinpoint the attacker)
An analysis of the attacks showing a breakdown of the most popularly attacked ports/protocols and the most prevalent attackers addresses
The names and details of the viruses that were blocked
Automatic updates that were made to the Firewall software
Changes that were made to the Firewalls configuration

This reporting information will provide you the basis to enable changes to be made to your systems and procedures to make them even more secure. Plus you will be able to see the real benefits of having the Safe@ Managed Services, assuring you that the system is providing continuous protection.


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