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The CommzGATE is a complete SMS messaging and applications platform that enables your current IT infrastructure to be rapidly empowered with wireless messaging capabilties. Harness the power of SMS for CRM, Remote Network Management, Field Dispatch and Automated Reports.


Be in touch with your customers, announce new products, solutions and events. Notify Engineers automatically of machine failures and receive automated reports. A multiple-modem setup lets you reach recipients on different networks.


Setup CommzGATE to remotely received SMS commands and execute instructions, from rebooting networks to controlling a music fountain


Be in control of your data by hosting the CommzGATE in your own environment within your firewall.You sleep well knowing that transaction and customer data are secure in your own hands.Control your costs by purchasing all elements of an SMS messaging centre in one box. No need for expensive Telco connections and customizations.


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Read to Run Applications Includes:

2-Way Messaging

2-Way SMS messaging allows your system to recieve replies and custom instructions

Custom SMS server commands

The app gateway allows you to program, receive and execute customised SMS commands.Supports programs written in any Web language, such as Java and Perl. An optional IO card allows you to remotely control industrial machines via SMS.

Easy Administration

Create unlimited user accounts, set server preferences and change modem settings, all via a user friendly, browser based interface.

Telco Independant

Setup your own messaging center with standard consumer SIM cards. The CommzGATE is the long awaited alternative to expensive custom telco solutions.

Seamless Integration

A comprehensive set of API's, secure sockets and HTTP interfaces allow easy integration with existing systems like CRM, Account and Intranet

Scalable Architecture

The CommzGATE is powered an advanced architecture that features a mutli-threaded messaging engine for reliability and performance. Scale throughput by adding more modems.

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Configuration Requirements

OS       : Redhat 6.2, or MS Windows NT4 SP4 and above, Windows 2000
CPU: Intel Pentium II recommended
RAM: 128MB recommended
Drives: Minimum 160MB or more available space
3.5" Floppy Drive
CD-ROM Drive
Network: RS232 standard serial port
Other: Keyboard
Color Monitor

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