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Making Broadband Safe

"Always-on" broadband connectivity makes Internet access fast and easy. Unfortunately, it also leaves your home office or business wide open to Internet hazards, such as hackers and viruses. Worse still, if your working from home or from a remote site, there is the danger that your PC could be used as a means to attack your corporate network.

Check Point's Safe@Office appliance, delivers security solutions to home offices, small businesses an distributed enterprises, enabling them to protect data privacy, maintain network integrity, block objectionable content, stop viruses, and secure access to any size corporate network.

Safe@Office makes it easy to accomplish all these objectives easily and intuitively, through its simple installation and management capabilities.

Incorporating state-of-the-art firewall technology from Check Point Software Technologies, the worldwide leader in securing the Internet, Safe@Office blocks attacks before they reach your network. Network Address Translation (NAT) allows your broadband Internet connection to be shared among several PCs. Safe@Office also supports Virtual Private Network (VPN) functionality, enabling secure access to resources on your corporate network or remote site.

How Does Safe@Office Work?

Simply connect your Safe@Office appliance to your high speed router on one side, and to network PCs on the other side. Configuration is easy with a simple web based management interface. Go to http://my.firewall, follow the easy prompts, and you will be up and running in no time!

Your Safe@Office appliance allows you to connect multiple computers to the Internet, and with all of your computers connected you now have enterprise-level hacker protection.


Remote Management Services

In addition to its advanced built-in security functionality, Safe@Office solutions allow remote management from your corporate administrator or service provider. This allows small businesses to transfer security management responsibility to security experts, and allows enterprises to enforce an effective, comprehensive, security policy for any size network. Additionally, remote management makes add-on security services available, such as website filtering and anti-virus.


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Available Products

The Check Point Safe@Office is available in a number of models to suit your requirement. The range of models offer features such as ADSL2+ connectivity, WiFi access etc.

A full list of the models is available here.


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Tell me more about the product?

Check Point introduces breakthrough broadband security for consumers. The Safe@Office appliance, is a ground-breaking security appliance that revolutionizes home office and general home computer Internet security, with an easy to use interface, the highest levels of security, and a breakthrough price point. Designed both for the stand-alone consumer, enterprises and deployment by service providers, the Safe@Office appliance is an affordable, state-of-the-art Internet security appliance running Check Point-based Safe@ software.  It can be easily deployed into any home or office environment with DSL or cable Internet access.

With a Safe@Office appliance, consumers and home office workers can easily secure all of their computers and Internet devices. 

Is Safe@Office a Check Point product?

SofaWare, a Check Point company, produces the Safe@Office appliance. Check Point provides SofaWare with access to its logistical and support infrastructure, so current and future partners can rely on the one of the world’s best and widely available partner programs

What’s the positioning of the Safe@Office appliance?

SofaWare is following a multi-platform strategy. SofaWare is working with leading vendors of cable and DSL modems, on providing security embedded inside these access devices. The Safe@Office appliance does not replace cable and DSL product; and still requires a broadband modem for the connection.

Why is this solution required in addition to cable and DSL routers?

What is the throughput of the S-box?

        Throughput is 22 to 150Mbps for firewall and NAT- significantly more than required for DSL connections.

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