Mission Statement

To be New Zealand's leading supplier of Extranet products, applications and services.  We have the foresight that will allow us to work with our partners, staff and vendors to provide Extranet with a foundation that will project it as the market leader in systems and services for the Internet, Intranet and Extranet.


  • Extranet is a company that was established to provide IT solutions and services for a range of Systems Integrators, ISP's and specific corporate customers.
  • Extranet provides E-Commerce, Internet Applications, Security systems, Network Monitoring tools and complimentary software.  Extranet also designs and implements specific Internet and Intranet related projects, and programming to a wide range of corporate clients.
  • Extranet specialises in advice on security services and products in conjunction with all of the above.

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  • We have the knowledge base and skills needed to advise on and install these complex systems. It is often proven that the biggest challenge is to integrate new technology into an existing environment and Extranet excels in this area.
  • Extranet has the staff and people with collectively many years of experience on the New Zealand IT industry that have proven track records to grow and develop this expanding sector of the IT industry..
  • Extranet has a service and support infrastructure that enables us to fulfil the support obligations as required by the Vendors whose products we represent.
  • The staff and management of Extranet come from successful backgrounds and senior management positions within their former companies.   We have a unique mix of understanding, expertise and practical experience in the Internet, Information Technology and Telecommunications.  All senior staff at Extranet have previously held CEO or general management positions in technology companies.

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